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Sage x Clare Zabrina Linen European Pillowcase Set

Sage x Clare


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Level Up Your Sleep with These Luxe Linen European Pillowcases


Ditch the standard pillowcases and elevate your sleep game with the Sage x Clare Zabrina Linen European Pillowcase Set. Made from 100% European flax linen, these aren't your average pillowcases. They're the soft, breathable BFFs your head never knew it needed.

Super Soft, Super Breathable

Imagine crawling into bed after a long day and sinking into pure, soft linen bliss. That's the magic of these pillowcases. The natural flax linen lets your skin breathe, so you can say goodbye to overheating and hello to cool, comfortable sleep all night long.

Extra-Sized for Extra Comfort

These aren't your tiny standard pillowcases. The generous 65 x 65cm size gives you plenty of room to sprawl out and cuddle up. It's like sleeping on a cloud – pure luxury!

No More Messy Pillows

The clever back seam opening hides away your pillows for a clean and polished look on your bed. No more wrestling with unruly pillowcases or unsightly wrinkles – just a flawless, Instagram-worthy sleep sanctuary.

Stylish and Unique Colour

The Sage x Clare Zabrina Linen European Pillowcase Set comes in a unique colour combination – a soft milky white and a calming pea green. They add a touch of sophistication and create a calming, tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom – perfect for snoozing.

Sweet Dreams Start Here

Investing in a good quality pillowcase set is like investing in your sleep well-being. Better sleep means more energy, better focus, and an overall happier you. So treat yourself to these luxurious linen pillowcases and experience the difference a good night's sleep can make. You deserve it!

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