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Sage x Clare

A Journey of Color, Soul, and Bohemian Spirit

Sage x Clare isn't just a homeware brand; it's a love story born from vibrant colors, handcrafted treasures, and a shared passion for travel. A fateful Christmas in India sparked the flame for Chris and Phoebe, a husband-and-wife duo who were captivated by the country's energetic spirit, riotous colors, and the soulfulness of artisanal products.

Their passion for color, texture, and heartfelt objects became the cornerstone of Sage x Clare. Founded with the desire to share their love with fellow interior enthusiasts, the brand offers a haven for those seeking unique, handcrafted pieces that embody a bohemian, soulful, and eclectic aesthetic.

The magic behind Sage x Clare goes beyond design. Chris and Phoebe have spent years working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans across the globe – weavers, embroiderers, screen printers, and more. This deep collaboration fosters a beautiful exchange of knowledge. The artisans share their time-honored techniques, while Chris and Phoebe guide them in adapting these methods to create pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with modern design.

With Phoebe at the helm of the business and Chris recently joining to lend his support, a talented team rounds out the Sage x Clare family. Together, they strive to not only delight and inspire their customers but also take them on a journey – a journey filled with color, soulful design, and the magic of handcrafted treasures.


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