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Born from a springtime conversation at the dog park, dog&boy isn't just a scarf company; it's a love letter to life woven in silk. Founder Sonya, frustrated by a lifelong quest for the perfect scarf, was sparked by a friend's casual suggestion: "Design your own!" After two decades in the corporate world, that single sentence ignited a passion project fueled by a love of scarves and a yearning for stories.

For Sonya, scarves transcended mere accessories. They were whispers of tales, canvases for emotions. A self-proclaimed sucker for a good story, she craved narratives that evoked thought, smiles, or cherished memories – moments that transported you back to a simpler time, a feeling you desperately wanted to hold onto. Stories of love, loss, dreams, and adventures – these became the threads Sonya would weave into every dog&boy design.

A Journey Through Design

Dog&boy aspired to be more than just another seasonal trend. They envisioned scarves with a deeper meaning, each piece a narrative thread that resonated with the wearer. Perhaps it was a story about a fleeting moment of joy, a cherished memory, or simply a pause to appreciate life's beauty. Their intricate designs were a tapestry of textures, photographs, and illustrations, many inspired by Sonya's personal experiences and treasured moments. At dog&boy, connection was key – connecting with people through thoughtful design. Each timeless print surprised and delighted, sparking emotions, igniting ideas, and capturing fleeting moments.

A Tribute to Mom

Margot, Sonya's beautiful mother, embodied the soul of dog&boy. The company was poised for launch when tragedy struck. Margot received a devastating diagnosis – brain cancer. A month later, on May 4th, 2015, she was gone.

In the wake of her passing, Sonya discovered a hidden side of her mother: a passionate, yet frustrated, sketch artist. Sketchbook after sketchbook revealed a love for the simple beauty in everyday life – botanical drawings and muses, reflections of Margot's quiet observations.

It was the simplicity of these sketches that resonated deeply with Sonya. Many of the original works were incorporated into dog&boy designs, a testament to the everyday beauty that inspired the stories woven into every scarf.

Yes, Barry the Chocolate Lab (a giant softie, true to his name) and Nicholas, Sonya's son, were a big part of her life. But dog&boy represented more than just family. It embodied the unbridled spirit of youth, the boundless possibilities that lay ahead, and the unwavering determination to pursue a dream.

Every dog&boy scarf aspires to bring a touch of luxury to your day, a spark of joy, and a deeper meaning within each intricately woven design. Whether it's noticing the simple beauty around you or experiencing a subtle shift in perspective, dog&boy reminds us to savor the little moments – because that's where the magic truly happens.


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