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Luxury for Everyday Living

Baksana isn't just a homeware brand; it's a gateway to a more comfortable and elegant home. Founded in 1987 with a vision of bringing European luxury to Australasia, Baksana has become a leader in the region, renowned for their plush bamboo towels and superior bed sheets.

Beyond Thread Count...
A Look at Comfort and Style

The name Baksana itself, meaning "take a look" in Turkish, reflects their commitment to beautiful design. Their focus goes beyond thread count; it's about creating a feeling. Each Baksana product aspires to transform your house into a haven of comfort and style.

Locally Designed, Globally Sourced

Baksana's design team in Wellington, New Zealand, draws inspiration from both Europe's timeless elegance and Australasia's vibrant colors and practicality. This fusion creates unique pieces that resonate with the local aesthetic.

Sustainability Woven into Every Thread

Baksana prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices. Manufacturing takes place solely in established European mills renowned for their adherence to international quality and environmental standards. All dyes used are organically derived and eco-friendly.

Taking Pride Since 1987

For over three decades, Baksana has taken pride in offering exceptional homeware products. They invite you to experience the difference Baksana can make in your home – a touch of European luxury woven with Australasian comfort and practicality.


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